Japanese Tea Ceremony Experience in Kyoto En

We are sorry but En is closed at the moment because of impact of Covid-19.
We are not sure if we reopen or close permanently, we will let you know when we make a decision.
We'll definitely close until end of 2022.

En is a small Japanese-style teahouse in the Gion area of Kyoto.
You can enjoy an authentic tea ceremony experience first hand.

Tea ceremony (the way of tea) is one of Japan's traditional cultural practices,
and is a name given to an art that synthesizes the preparation and drinking
of tea together with spirituality, history, architecture, the appreciation of handmade tea utensils.
En offers a participatory introduction to Japanese tea ceremony for everyone to enjoy!




Know about tradition of tea ceremony.

The way of tea

Each movements have meaning, enjoy a relaxed time!

Making powdered green tea

It’s different taste from normal leaves green tea, enjoy it!



The word 'En' has important resonances to the Japanese people.

The characters 縁 and 円, amongst many others, can both be pronounced 'en'.

縁 signifies a connection or relation
between people, spaces or things,

and is considered a very important concept.

円 means round or circle: a shape without corners, beginning or end.
The circle, with its quality of amicability
immense as the sky and without interruption or imperfection,
and symbolic of a mind without ill-feeling,
is considered to be the shape most expressive of enlightenment
and of the highest truths of Zen Buddhism.