Art & Sake tasting walking tour
Japanese Tea Ceremony Experience in Kyoto En

We are sorry but En is closed at the moment because of impact of Covid-19.
We are not sure if we reopen or close permanently, we will let you know when we make a decision.
We'll definitely close until end of 2022.
We are surrounded by high buildings and mass production which is the result of the industrial development in Japan (1955-73). Historically Japanese were skilled craftsmen and made utensils and daily items by hand using natural materials. The highly developed craftmanship established what is the now recognized "Japanese culture" as Japanese valued.
On this tour we hope you can enjoy the essence of the Japanese sense of humor together with appreciation of delicate handmade works. Although we have few crafts people nowadays, we would like to share the wonderful experience of these special skilled works.

The tour includes

The Japanese art Ukiyoe

1. The Japanese art Ukiyoe

Ukiyoe is both painting as well as wood block printing that was created in Edo period, in 16c. The subjects are usually Beautiful Japanese ladies in 16c, Kabuki actors, and landscapes in particular Mt.Fuji.
antique kimono

2. Japanese kimono and visits to an antique kimono shop.

Do you know how to design and dye, sew a kimono? Kimono are made by professional craftsman, we hope you will feel their mind.
Tasting Japanese Sake

3. Tasting Japanese Sake

Sake is not one type. There are various kinds of sake, and tastes, also they have interest history and tradition. (If you don't drink sake, we can provide tea)

Tour Schedule

10:30 Assemble at En

about Ukiyoe and Kimono’s design at En

Visiting Kimono shop with a explanation

(You can see the traditional Japanese patterns and antique kimono)

Visiting an antique Ukiyoe shop with a explanation

Tasting three kinds of Sakes with a explanation
12:30 Finish a tour


arrow Adult / 5500 yen per person *Minimum number is from 2persons
arrow Child / 3000 yen per person (less than 10 years old)
arrow Adult/ 3500 yen per person (Only sake tasting and lecture for one hour)

Date & Time

Date: Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun *Cancellation fee is 100% on the same day
Time: 10:30am〜12:30pm